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Ontology Artefacts

  • Which subjects (assertional) and types (terminological) form your business domain?
  • How are they described and how do they interrelate? (Roles, regular and irregular subject affinities)
  • How can these artefacts be moulded into a multilingual thesaurical semantic web? (Antonyms/synonyms/hypernyms/hyponyms)


  • How are these artefacts represented on various modular abstraction layers? (E.g. templates in a SMW)


  • How must artefacts be technically annotated in order to be fit for querying?


  • How can simple and complex lists, facets, overviews and diagrams be provided in a modular and configurable way?


  • How can subjects be managed in a way that optimizes quality and simplifies knowledge management?


  • DSKMF is able to derive a business domain's terminological ontology automatically from corresponding assertions. Here's an example: