The purpose of such a day is to give you a good quick impression how a Semantic MediaWiki can optimize your organization's knowledge and information management.

Step 1: What you prepare

Assuming your organization is called "Lagoon", then let's call this task list of your's preparing to demonstrate your "Lagoonpedia". (That's because we use the same software as Wikipedia does.)

  1. Identify a business area that is currently poorly documented or that is dealing with dispersed information and therefore is lacking overview.
  2. Identify the things connected to this business process or area and how they relate to each other.
  3. Identify how you describe these objects and the relations between each other.
  4. Collect examples for these objects and relations.
  5. Identify a person in your organization who is willing to learn becoming Lagoonpedia's power user. That is, someone who will be able to manage basic change requests and help other normal users with simple issues.
  6. Provide a computer having VirtualBox installed.

Step 2: What we do together

Based on the identified objects and the relations between them, we together create a first draft of your knowledge management framework (DSKMF).

Step 3: What we do for you

  1. We implement this abstract business ontology of yours as Lagoonpedia functionality.
  2. We load your example objects and relations into your Lagoonpedia.
  3. We implement some representative use cases in connection with your abstract business ontology according to your preferences.
  4. We familiarize you and your power user with the basic handling of these use cases.

Step 4: What you get

We let you have your Lagoonpedia on a ready-to-use virtual machine on a USB stick.