From Nick Bostrom "Superintelligence", page 55

dataspects' Service Portfolio

This is how dataspects can help you


Implement and learn how to manage a Semanticized MediaWiki (SMW) as your primary human-computer interface. (1)


Make use of tool sets for managing your system's quality. (2)


Understand that your system's search box is the de-facto point of entry to your organizational knowledge and learn how to tune your system to truly satisfy your workers. See Business Service "dataspects Search"(3)


Understand how your knowledge should be stored in your system in order to meet the expectations of workers in the era of the Web. (4)


Learn how to think about your knowledge as/in a framework, i.e. types, roles, active and passive actions and typed relationships over time. (5)


Benefit from dataspect's best practices regarding how to interact with your knowledge through your SMW interface. (6)


Benefit from dataspect's best practices regarding how to integrate your structured knowledge management with existing and complementary systems and sources.


In accordance with Alfred North Whitehead's statement "Civilization advances by increasing the number of important operations that humans can carry out without thinking about them." we shall make most effective and efficient use of computing power — while maintaining criticial thoughts about AI.


E.g. see Easy System Cloning and Concept "DSKMF Rules".

See also

(1), and Extension:Cargo

(2) Application "smw-cindykate"

(3) Publication "Relevant Search"

(4) Publication "Every Page is Page One"

(5) Organization Pattern "Three-Ontologies-Method"

(6) SMW Design Patterns