Use Cases


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Monitor Data Quality

With dataspects you can check your data quality every time it changes.

For example, let's say you want to look at wiki pages that use a "Building" template and check whether that template is missing a value for its "County ID" field. If so, you want to tag the wiki page with "Building missing county id".

Here's the task (written in dataspects' SIGINT DSL) that does that:

- name: Check "Building" pages for missing data
- templateName: Building
fieldName: County ID
setFacetTag: Building missing county id

Your checked data is then available both in a graph database (Neo4j) as well as in a search index (Elasticsearch). This means you can:

  • look at how "Buildings that have no County ID" relate to other things in your domain,
  • search within all "Buildings that have no County ID" in your familiar "Search Engine" way,
  • create dashboards specialized in alerting you about "Buildings that have no County ID" both in a general-purpose data visualization tool (e.g. Kibana) as well as within your datapects Search through special search result pages.